How to structure your life to encourage cybersecurity magnets?

Magnets are useful, fun, and even a little mysterious: they can repel as well as attract. Good cybersecurity habits can be that invisible source of power that integrates with your goals and actions to empower you as you fend off cyber threats.


First, let’s refresh a little the fundamental concepts of the fascinating world of magnets.

Magnets produce a magnetic force called a magnetic field. All magnets have two ends: a north pole and a south pole. Magnetism attracts magnetic objects or pushes them away. If the same poles of two magnets are placed near each other, they push and repel each other. If two different poles are placed close to each other, they attract and unite.

We see that this applies in our real world. The Earth’s core is made up mostly of iron, which gives the Earth its own magnetic field with a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole. Scientists believe that migratory birds use the Earth’s magnetic fields to guide their flights on long journeys.

Application in the field of security

As we did in school, let’s carry out a small experiment relating the concept of magnetism with Cybersecurity. Consider that your “goals and actions” are a magnetic object, and that we put together a new magnetic object with your “cybersecurity behaviors” such as using antivirus, strong passwords, updating your software and/or making backup copies.
Every time this new object is consistently mobilized and put into action, such as when we make it a habit, the particles of the object change their polarity. In this way, when the two objects are close to each other, they attract and come together in the same direction. Bingo! In this way, security is integrated with your goals and actions to empower you.

To help us get the most out of cybersecurity magnets, we need to find situations in our daily lives that are conducive to attracting security like a magnet and thus integrate them with our goals and actions.

From my side, these are the cybersecurity magnets that are working for me:

  • Plan for the day: I prioritize and plan my activities on a daily basis to help me focus on what is essential so that I can better manage my time and energy. I try to anticipate what can go wrong and identify proactive strategies (including security checks) to help me overcome any obstacles. This boosts my confidence and helps protect me throughout the day.
  • Workspace setup: I work in a quiet room with the door closed, using headphones with soft music to reduce noise. I also turn off push notifications on my phone and mute conversations in my messaging apps to avoid distractions. As a result, I can focus and pay attention to what I really need to do, leaving room for privacy and security. Whenever I’m not at the office or home, I double down on security by using strong authentication and VPN.
  • Socialize: I do my best to be around and stay connected with my family and close friends as they make me feel good and happy. Although I prefer in-person meetings, I connect with them through instant messaging apps and email most of the time. Thus, I take my digital identity seriously and I am careful to preserve it using 2FA, biometrics and encryption. Additionally, I encourage other people to do the same.
  • Self- care: I take time for myself to be the best version of myself. This considers a diet that includes healthy foods, 2 liters of water, 30 min. of exercises, 10 min. of meditation and 8 hours of sleep. I try to stick to this daily routine as much as I can to keep my body and mind in good shape. It also helps me to be better prepared for any task and challenge that comes my way, including responding to cyber threats.

So, what situations in your daily life are really conducive to attracting cybersecurity? Do you carry out specific activities that very frequently generate a sense of resilience? Do you know places or people that provide you with a shield of protection? What comes to mind?

If you know what your cybersecurity magnets are, you’ve found a really handy tool to create more security in your life, simply by making more space for these cybersecurity magnets and putting them on your calendar.

CiberSergei Didactic Resource to promote cybersecurity magnets

We have created the following tool to encourage you to find your cybersecurity magnets by exploring different security and education tips. Simply click on the screen to bring up the tips and, if you want more information, click on its link. I hope you find it useful.

See the Pen CiberSergei Imanes de Seguridad by cibersergei (@cibersergei) on CodePen.

How to structure your life to foster cybersecurity magnets: Connecting the dots

All moving charged particles produce magnetic fields and create an incredibly powerful force. That’s why it’s important to get your cybersecurity magnets moving.

Remember, not only must good cybersecurity behaviors be adopted, but they must also be close enough to the “goals and actions” so that both magnetic fields attract and integrate. Although this is a force that you cannot see, you can trust that it is there.

Lastly, in the same way that migratory birds use the Earth’s magnetic fields to guide their flights on long journeys, you can now embrace the use of your cybersecurity magnets to boost the achievement of your goals.

Quote to Keep in Your Pocket

“Confidence and self-assurance is like an invisible magnet. When you have it, others are attracted to you, since confidence equals virtue. When you don’t have it, the magnet flips over and repels people. A man who is not confident is hiding something.” – Dan Born

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